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MountainView-McGuire services empower financial managers to attain higher earnings without higher risk by providing quantified deposit management and value information, asset-liability management (ALM) model verification and validation, specialized balance sheet management tools, financial reporting solutions, and regulatory compliance inputs.

All MountainView-McGuire consulting solutions draw from a diverse team of experienced balance sheet management and deposit analysis experts, supported by the industry's most advanced quantitative analysis capabilities.

ALM Model Verification

Establishes the high level of confidence needed to fully use an ALM model as a performance management and risk analysis tool.

Capital Stress Test (DFAST/CCAR) Model Verification

Ensures that all dimensions of your model implementation (conceptual design, technical and statistical details, outcomes accuracy, and controls) are effectively challenged and validated.

Liquidity Function Verification Report

Meet 2010 Interagency Policy Statement on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management mandates and good business practices. 

Deposit Analysis

Enable higher performance without higher risk with IRR related quantitative answers to key deposit behavior and value questions.

Loan Prepayments

Provides empirically quantified, institution specific forecast values for loan prepayments and paydowns for high precision ALM model inputs.

ASC 350 Goodwill Impairment Testing

Meet FASB mandates for Step 1 and Step 2 measurement of goodwill impairment. Market evidence, comparable M&A transactions, credit quality (NPA) and financial foundations are considered as fair value measures.

ASC 805 Core Deposit Intangible Valuation

The ASC 805 Core Deposit Intangible Valuation Service provides answers to key ASC 805 core deposit, CD and loan portfolio valuation questions and the accounting issues associated with acquiring or selling deposits.

ASC 820 Valuation

Should your institution adopt ASC 820 MPS creates added value by quantifying the fair values of non-DDA core deposits in addition to valuing CD’s and loans.

ASC 825 CD and Loan Valuation

Satisfy ASC 825 fair value disclosure requirements for CD and loan values. Economic value data are calculated based on specific portfolio characteristics, using industry best practices and reference sources.