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We Empower You® is not just a slogan! MountainView-McGuire services resolve your toughest financial management challenges by providing quantitative insights into balance sheet behavior and value and by creating complete confidence in your institution's financial models. Current management and regulatory hot buttons that MountainView-McGuire solutions address are:

McGuire Advanced Assessment MethodologyTM

The McGuire Advanced Assessment MethodologyTM is the right way to assess and forecast the many behaviors of core deposits, CD's and loans. It is data driven (not constrained to a given set of factors) and simultaneous (inter-category behaviors such as deposit cannibalization and loan prepayment effects across types are captured).

Testing for Basis Risk

Different interest rates along the curve or across the market move at their own speeds when the general rate environment changes. Specify MountainView-McGuire non-linear rate ramp or yield curve shape change tests in your next earnings at risk analysis and learn the truth about basis risk exposure to your earnings.

Control Interest Expense and Equity at Risk IRR

Maintaining repricing discipline as interest rates rise requires being able to look to quantified future depositor behaviors and known benchmarks of expected competitor repricing. Proving core durations is key to equity at risk IRR measurement. The key to both of these challenges is quantifying your history with MountainView-McGuire deposit analysis services.


Knowledge can’t translate into power unless it is shared and applied. MountainView-McGuire is an active publisher in the trade press and other venues, sharing evolving insights from our research and general trends seen in client data and the industry as a whole.


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