Perspectives : Articles

Financial management is more effective when decisions can be made with perspective on industry trends and actions.  MPS is committed to a research and publications program that shares its theoretical insights and broad client experience in print, to be used by practitioners in their day-to-day balance sheet management activities.

MPS research and publications derive from theory and client experiences

The nationally recognized statistical analysis services provided by MPS are firmly based on theoretic foundations that incorporate both industry practices and consumer behavior theory.  MPS ALM model verifications also rest on a theoretical view of what model risk assessments should include, and this approach extends to other MPS model verifications also.  Expositions of MPS theoretical foundations are presented in academic papers, the trade press such as Bank Asset/Liability Management, and via MPS research notes.

An advantage of MPS's wide client base (asset sizes from $50 million to over $500 billion and across all charters) is that industry standard and best practices are seen in a wide cross section of financial institutions.  Norms that emerge from observing solutions across institutions are shared with the industry in print, at conferences, and in MPS research notes.

Because of its industry leading deposit analysis services. MPS is always on the cutting edge of knowing the state of deposit markets.  This encompasses not just rates paid but also total balances supplied trends and retention patterns at the category level.  Perspective on current market conditions is shared with the industry in print, at conferences, and via MPS research notes.

MPS actively interacts with regulatory agencies to remain current, share research, and comment on proposed rule changes.  MPS staff are also frequent contributors to FFIEC and other educations programs for examiners.