Deposit Analysis : Analog Deposit Analysis

This report is for institutions who want to employ customized benchmark type deposit behavior data for pre-assessing category behaviors where time series data are not available, or for low cost equity at risk compliance (when customized benchmark level deposit behavior data is sufficient).  Analog information is superior to generic deposit behavior indices because its sources are customized to the characteristics of the category and the user institution.

Three aspects of deposit behaviors– supply/liquidity sensitivity to interest rate changes, repricing, and average lives/present values/durations – are estimated.  Institution specific time series data is not required as the analyses are based on averages of a custom set of MPS statistical deposit analysis client forecast data.  Selection of institutions is based on location, asset size, operating type, and other characteristics.

The MPS Analog Deposit Analysis Report will empower your institution to:

  • Obtain deposit behavior expectations for recently or about to be launched categories
  • More accurately measure equity at risk IRR using the right deposit value inputs
  • Better grasp deposit based supply, liquidity, and rates paid/repricing relationships
        The deliverable is a report presenting deposit supply/liquidity sensitivities to interest rate changes, repricing, and average lives/present values/durations forecast data.  All materials are presented in easy to use exhibits with concise supporting text. 

        Update reports are optionally available as needed.