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MountainView-McGuire is a national consulting firm providing innovative asset-liability management (ALM) solutions for financial institutions. The company's goal is to empower management to attain high balance sheet performance with known and controlled levels of risk. MountainView-McGuire contributes to success through industry leading quantitative analyses of core deposit behaviors, ALM model verifications and other technical solutions.

MountainView-McGuire services include statistical measurement of core deposit behavior and value, ALM model verification audits, estimates of FAS 141R core deposit intangibles, FAS 142 goodwill impairment testing, and specialized interest rate ramp projections of interest rate risk (IRR) analysis.

MountainView-McGuire is an objective partner in delivering all of its services. MountainView-McGuire does not sell ALM models or investments, or take compensation from such entities.

Services have been successfully delivered for nearly 20 years to financial institutions with assets ranging from $50 million to $500 billion, across all charters and ALM models. MountainView-McGuire services draw on employees located nationwide, whose long experience in ALM and specific skill sets provide seasoned expertise in every service delivered to clients.

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