Conferences and Events : Conferences & Events

Jack Henry Annual Client Conference

October 16-19

MountainView-McGuire is an exhibitor. Rita Bostick, Karen Schwall and Bertrand Laurent are attending. Learn more.


Marcus Evans Advanced Model Validation Conference

October 17-18
New York

MountainView-McGuire is a sponsor and exhibitor and will present a case study. Rita Bostick and Tony Eramo are attending. Learn more.


OCC Capital Markets Summit

October 17-19
Washington, DC

The deposit analysis group at MountainView-McGuire is giving a presentation on October 18.


Center for Financial Professionals Stress Testing USA: CCAR and DFAST

November 7-8
New York

MountainView-McGuire is a sponsor and exhibitor. Learn more.


MountainView-McGuire Webinar Series - Past Topics

Our webinars are recorded and are available on request. Past topics include:

  • Preparing Your ALM Model and Process for Rising Rates (5/17/17)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Governance, Compliance, ALCO and the Board (12/13/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Optimizing the Modeling Process (10/20/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Rate Scenarios and Model Testing (9/13/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Input Behavior Assumptions (7/14/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: IRR History, Definition and the Basics (5/26/16)
  • Re-visiting FTP: Fundamentals, Challenges and Governance (5/12/16)
  • Capital Stress Test Model Adequacy: Notable Issues from Recent Validations (6/25/15)
  • Quality Checking Your Institution's Ability to Measure IRR When Interest Rates Rise (9/18/14)
  • Capital Stress Testing - Compliance Issues and Performance Opportunities (7/1/14)
  • Defending Accurate Core Deposit Behavior Inputs in IRR Models (9/13/13)
  • Benchmarking and Back Testing Financial Model Behavior Assumptions (6/6/13)
  • Compliance Update - NEW Best Practice Ideas for Accurately and Cost Effectively Analyzing IRR (4/23/13)
  • NCUA Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program Guidance: Beat the Heat! (9/27/12)
  • FFIEC IRR FAQ: How to Interpret the Guidance and Prepare for your Next Examination (2/9/12)
  • Replacing OTS Deposit and Loan Behavior Inputs (9/22/11)
  • IRR Compliance After OTS: A Practitioner’s Guide (9/8/11)
  • New Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management: A Compliance Roadmap (4/28/11)
  • 2010 in Review:  IRR and Liquidity Guidance, FAS Update, Concentration Risk, and More (12/14/10)
  • MPS ALM Model Behavior Assumption Benchmark Service: Core Deposit Repricing and Runoff/Decay Rates (12/2/10)
  • Liquidity Measurement and Management: Complying with the 2010 Interagency Guidance and Uncovering Value (11/2/10)
  • ALM Model Verifications: Complying with 2010-1A IRR Regulatory Guidance and Uncovering Value (6/11/10)
  • Core Deposit and Loan Behaviors Complying with 2010-1A IRR Guidance and Uncovering Value (4/23/10)

Contact us to request the presentation slides and recordings.